Study of Financial System Guarantees Australian Government, Department of the Treasury,

Public Input Received

Interested parties made the following material available to Professor Davis and the Study Team:

Sorted by Title PDF RTF ZipPDF ZipRTF
Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited 139KB NA NA 458KB
Insurance Australia Group 44KB 40KB NA NA
Insurance Council of Australia 865KB NA NA NA
International Banks and Securities Association of Australia 219KB NA NA NA
Max Kummerow, Senior Lecturer 23KB 15KB NA NA
Mike Oborn - Curtin University of Technology 90KB 28KB NA NA
Motor Accident Insurance Commission Queensland 70KB 194KB NA NA
National Credit Union Association Inc 42KB 34KB NA NA
National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia 50KB 282KB NA NA

Last updated 29 March 2004.

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