Study of Financial System Guarantees Australian Government, Department of the Treasury,

Study of Financial System Guarantees

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Executive summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Australia’s experience with failure and international experience with guarantees
Chapter 3: Australia’s existing regulatory framework
Chapter 4: The economic rationale for explicit financial guarantees
Chapter 5: Consequences of financial institution failure
Chapter 6: Guarantee scheme coverage
Chapter 7: Cost of a guarantee
Chapter 8: Funding and pricing
Chapter 9: Governance and accountability
Chapter 10: Regulatory implications
  Appendix 1.1: Terms of reference
  Appendix 2.1: Overview of Australia’s financial system
  Appendix 2.2: Submissions to the Study
  Appendix 2.3: International comparison of deposit schemes
  Appendix 2.4: International comparison of insurance schemes
  Appendix 3.1: Australia’s prudential framework
  Appendix 3.2: Summary of prudential, actuarial and operating standards
  Appendix 3.3: Summary of APRA’s managing failure powers
  Appendix 3.4: Simplified representation of depositor and policyholder priorities
  Appendix 4.1: Financial failure in Australia since 1980
  Appendix 4.2: Financial institution failures in Australia — some case studies
  Appendix 4.3: Government responses to financial failures
  Appendix 5.1: International comparison of coverage features (deposit insurance)
  Appendix 6.1: Cost models
  Appendix 7.1: International examples of governance arrangements
Abbreviations and acronyms